8. Integral Calculus

  1. Primitive Functions

      Every Continuous Function on an Interval has a Primitive

      Example of an Integrable, but Discontinuous Function

      Primitives of Rational Functions (Partial Fraction Decomposition)

  2. Integrals
  3. Integration by Parts and Substitution Formula
  4. Calculating Areas
  5. Calculating Content
  6. Calculating the Length of a Path
  7. The Natural Logarithm
  8. The Exponential Function
  9. Generalised Exponential and Logarithm Functions
  10. Das Faltungsprodukt htm, German version only
      ( f * g)' = f (0) g +  f ' * g
  11. Lineare Differentialgleichungen 1. Ordnung htm, German version only

      Beispiel: Wachstum und Zerfall

  12. Lineare Differentialgleichungen 2. Ordnung htm, German version only
      Ein physikalisches Beispiel: Schwingungen
  13. Lineare Differentialgleichungen k-ter Ordnung htm, German version only